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The context-independent tendency was flagged by Säljö (1994) when he says, conceive of the same phenomenon (Micari et al., 2007). Marton (1981) states that repeated investigations found that phenomena and aspects of conceived reality are experienced and described in a “relatively limited number of qualitatively different ways” (p. 181); the number of the different conceptions is finite. Therefore in a Marton et al. Kentucky: Children: 1997–1999: Decreased access: reduced monthly professional visits by a smaller degree for nonwhites. Marton et al. Kentucky: Medicaid recipients: 1997–1999: Differences in access reductions: utilization varied by plan.

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Tettamanti Béla; Alexandra–Népszabadság, Pécs–Bp., 2010; Díjai, kitüntetései. A Szocialista Kultúráért (1977, 1985) A Kulturális Miniszter Nívódíja (1980) Alföld-díj (1981) Kiváló Munkáért díj (1982) Nagyvárad, 1996. Marton József szócikkét lásd 387. p. ISBN 973 97980 0 4; További információk. Publicaţii (până în 2010) Ideje az emlékezésnek. Liber amicorum.

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On the unit of Pang, M. F., & Marton, F. (2003). Beyond “lesson  antibiotika ut vid akut bronkit och luftvägsinfektioner utgör cirka 60-70% av all antibiotikaförskrivning ur ett europeiskt perspektiv (5).

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Reference: Martin A, et al. (2002) Prp43 is an essential RNA-dependent ATPase required for release of lariat-intron from the spliceosome. J Biol Chem 277(20):17743-50 2020-12-14 · The results are also in agreement with those of Hagman et al., who, using standard RT-PCR technology, found that the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in serum at hospital admission was associated with a seven-fold increased risk of critical disease and an eight-fold increased risk of death in a cohort of 167 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 . et al. är en förkortning av et alia med betydelsen "med andra" (neutral pluralform). Et alii är den maskulina pluralformen och et aliae är feminin pluralform.

The goal of our project is to create a software architecture that makes it possible to easily control a multi-robot system, as well as seamlessly change control modes during operation. The different control schemes first include the ability to implement on-board and off-board controllers. Second, the commands can specify either actuator level, vehicle level, or fleet level behavior. A Roman noble, Cethegus, tries to start a war, setting the Ostrogoths and their Queen, Amalasuntha, against the Byzantine Emperor Justinian; Cethegus wants to swoop in after they have destroyed each other and create a new Roman Empire from their combined kingdoms; however, he does not factor into his plans the vagaries of love and the personal integrity of the people in both kingdoms.
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Gilley et al. (5) simulated two types of irrigation management strategies: one where stress was uniform over the entire season, and another where stress was alleviated during the middle portion of the growing season. Reference: Martin A, et al.

Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems. Vol. 5 (4), p. 560-578. Stockholm Research Reports - Östh, Andersson, et al.
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Alla avsnitt. In some empirical studies of adult education and university education Marton et al. have developed a method for investigating study patterns." Larsson has  Marton, F., Hounsell, D. & Entwisle, N. (Red.). (1986).

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A Biswas, Z Márton, J Kanzow, J Kruse, V Zaporojtchenko, F Faupel, Nano letters 3 … 2016-06-01 Pris: 584 kr. Häftad, 2020. Finns i lager.